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Thread: Harbinger ability working incorrectly since the last update (May 2nd 2018)

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    Default Harbinger ability working incorrectly since the last update (May 2nd 2018)

    Eldritch armor is a Harbinger ability which 'Grants the Mage's slashing attacks a 40% chance to reduce the cast time of their next ability by 2s...'
    Prior to the last update, this was working correctly, so that both Vile Spores and Bloom (Chloromancer abilities, each with a 2 second cast time) became instant cast under the temporary buff granted by the ability (Eldritch Gift).
    After the most recent update of May 2nd 2018, Bloom is no longer having its cast time reduced to zero by Eldritch Gift - other spells including Vile Spores are triggering it correctly.
    This macro worked fine until the update:

    #show bloom
    cast @self bloom
    cast vile spores

    But now, Bloom is not removing the Eldritch Gift temporary buff and takes 2 seconds to cast. This mage is currently about 54 and using this spec: https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...iGlaGGmRh0/h88

    I have another mage on an EU server that is level 70 and I've reproduced the same bug there. However, Legendary Bloom continues to work correctly.

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    I'm having the same issue with bloom.
    You can't have everything..Where would you put it?

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    I'm having the same problem also.

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