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Thread: No lomger receiving notoriety.

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    Default No lomger receiving notoriety.

    I complete zone events, planar adventures etc. No matter how many I complete or whether I mentor down to the level of the event, when I try to redeem notoriety I am stuck at 1/5 marks acquired.

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    Assuming your'e on live, the limit is 5 *total* ... if you have any in your bank, they'll count against the limit of 5 as well as any in your bags. I'm not sure what you mean by 'redeem', since I always spent mine at the rift store rather than a notoriety vendor, so I'm not sure if this will help, but just something to check. Good luck!

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    I'm almost 100% positive he's talking about the old marks that could stack to 50 and took 5 to turn in for rep from the quest, but those no longer drop from anything. But they left the npc in game for people that still had a bunch. The new ones are called Sigil of Valor which max at 5 and are redeemed for rep through rift store.
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