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    Default Currency gain from calendar only show Bonus, not base

    When claiming currency (void stones, affinity, ...) from the calendar (at the least!), the base amount is not shown in chat, but the bonus amount is shown. This can make people think they didn't get the stated currency if they don't compare before and after on the currency tab.

    Screenshots of claiming the calendar 1000 void stones:
    1: https://i.imgur.com/Z3Av2RI.jpg
    2: https://i.imgur.com/yOeKDMK.jpg

    Expected: a line for 1000 and bonus line for 900
    Observed: a bonus line for 900

    The difference in void stones is 1900, but the amount in chat is only 900
    This character is Flashwit@Gelidra if my chat settings might have something to do with it, but this is a change from a couple weeks ago, when the bug was too much currency displayed in chat lines.
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    Just got a fix in for this for next week, thanks. There's apparently a ton of ways that the client is informed about how and when you get certain loot/currencies and it wasn't properly accounting for all of them in the correct way. themoreyouknow.gif

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