Context: In PvP, heals tagged with a 100% are reduced to 25% (Reprieve from Justicar, Touch of Life from Paladin, etc), but Primal Avatar: Ram (both Legendary and non-Legendary) aren't abiding by the same reductions, and heal for more than 70% of the primalists HP in pvp, in this current meta makes them extremely difficult to kill with such a large HP pool and Healing cooldown.

Expected: Primal Avatar: Ram should only heal for 25% of the Primalists MxHP (the Heal over time tagged with this ability should also be reduced to match the correct reduction)

Observed: Both the full heal and heal over time from Primal Avatar: Ram aren't being reduced correctly.

Repro Steps:
1. Spec 21 points into Titan to get Primal Avatar: Ram
2. Queue for PvP
3. Use Ram at low health, see the healing.

My Primalists HP is quite low due to lack of gear, it would be stronger with more HP

It's also worth noting that you can go 21 points into Titan and 9 into Farseer to spread the overhealing of this ability to other players