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Thread: Several wardrobe bugs from 21 March patch

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    Default Several wardrobe bugs from 21 March patch

    I went to the Store > Cosmetics > Costume weapons to find the new daggers and axes mentioned in the patch notes.

    1) Forgotten Axe of the Verdain says is unlocks the appearance "UNUSED". Expected would be a label like the name of the item instead of "UNUSED".

    2) Crystalline Cleaver is so crystalline it's invisible in both hands . Female Eth, two computers tested. DxDiag available if you need it. (Also, shouldn't there be two Ls in Crystaline?)

    3) Tidelord's Dueling Blade and Blade of Sheer Ice both give the "Blade of Sheer Ice" appearance. I think Tidelord's Dueling Blade is the new one.
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