Haven't seen a thread on this yet so just want to put it on the record.

Movement and chat seems to work fine, latency is normal (for me, normal is 50-70ms), but all of a sudden I'm pushing my keys while in a dungeon and... nothing. I just stand there gaping at the baddy as if I just remembered I left the bath running in my dim. As a tank, having my taunts and interrupts not work right on time is definitely no bueno.

Some people in chat say logging out and in helps. However, I had ability lag be the worst I've seen it yet occur an hour ago, which was 5 mins after logging in. Healer in the group tried logging out and in (fully) and it didn't help the situation for them.

There was a GM announcement yesterday in-game that lag was getting looked into, but I'm not sure if they were specifically referencing this ability lag phenomenon as there are also occasionally latency spikes.

I didn't really notice this happening as much until yesterday. I assumed it was because of player volume on a Sunday. But it's been happening all through today as well, when the population is likely much lower.

If anyone has any actual fixes they have encountered, let me know.

And Devs, I know you're working hard on all the lovely new hiccups we're experiencing. Much love.