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Thread: EXP Sharing When Group Leveling

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    Default EXP Sharing When Group Leveling

    A couple of friends and myself are trying to level as a group, and I know you are supposed to be doing more rifts to level as well, but we are consistently behind our quest levels by 2-3 levels.

    We tried to figure out why, and the best explanation we could find, is that when you are in a group, or even when multiple people tag a mob, it splits the experience between everyone astronomically bad.

    A normal mob that we would kill on our own at level 24, would give around 250-300 exp. While in a group, with just 1 other person, each person seems to receive around 75-90 exp.

    Also, when doing a group rift, say a full raid of people, You literally get 0 exp per mob kill as of what we experienced last night after your "fix" to rift exp.

    Why this horrible splitting? Are you trying to encourage people to level on their own instead of playing in groups?
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