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    Default [4.3] Storm Breaker Protocol BUGGED

    Hey Fellas,

    it seems to be common knowledge these days but i just want to voice it up once more:

    SBP is a BUGGY MESS!

    1. If you enter those mechs, only one person gets the 500k HP buff, at best.
    2. The Rocketlauncher attack doesnt deal any damage

    Please for the love of God, at least put it out of the Random-Queue ... its just frustrating getting an dungeon-pop after a long waiting time (queued as Tank/Heal/DPS/Support) and end up in this buggy mess ...

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    Still a mess, I can confirm both issues persist

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    This really needs to get fixed before SL goes live on Prime, as it's barely doable without the player damage reduction. I doubt the first trash pack will be killable, let alone any bosses.

    Sadly, this has been broken for several years now and I've personally ticketed it twice with no resolution, so my hopes are not high.

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    Rocket Salvo was a bit of a mess, and needed to be rebuilt, it should be working again with the next patch.

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