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Thread: Skullduggery quest portal invisible

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    Default Skullduggery quest portal invisible

    Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/L7szVwW.jpg

    The portal to enter during the Skullduggery quest is invisible at first. You can run in, but you can't see it.

    Nvidia GTX 970, driver 388.43

    I entered the portal and exited, and the portal was visible

    I updated to 391.01, restarted the game, and the portal was visible

    I dropped and retook the quest, and the portal was NOT visible

    I ran approx 200m away from Lessa Korin (when my target dropped) and ran back, and the portal was NOT visible. Though to be fair I have increased my distance settings in rift.cfg

    I swapped shards, and the portal was NOT visible

    I ported to Bailghol and ran back, and the portal was NOT visible
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    I had the same issue and when I entered the invisible portal the instance bugged out on me and kicked me out during the fight in front of the temple right as they both reset to the middle, when I went back to his camp the portal was visible and the instance worked correctly

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