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Thread: NPC dialog during quests not showing in chat box

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    Default NPC dialog during quests not showing in chat box

    This worked fine until the last couple of days, but now during quests like Vision of Danger in Silverwood, you don't see what Hylas and Shyla are saying because it's not showing in the chat box.

    It's not just this quest, but all quests that we (my friend and I) have done in the last couple of days that should have NPC dialog. Some other examples: The quest where you turn in the goblin head and the guard escorts you to Hylas, and all of the Scotty quests--none of these are showing NPC dialog.

    We haven't changed any settings, and it's happening to both of us.

    Edit: Also happening to my daughter when she plays.
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    It's not just that (on NA) .. /say, /yell, and /1 aren't working either (as mentioned in chat by a bunch of people, and tested by me in Meridian on Deepwood)

    Edit: probably fixed as of 14:46
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