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Thread: tyrants throne mentoring

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    Default tyrants throne mentoring

    tyrants throne is a very definite level 65 area but my char gets mentored to level 62!!!

    expected: be on a low level character, group with a high level character, port into tyrants throne and be auto-mentored to the zones level, which is level 65

    observed: was auto-mentored to level 62 instead of level 65

    possible cause: it could be auto-mentoring to goboro reefs level rather than tyrants throne level?

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    To avoid any confusion..

    mentored is not the same as side-kicking

    I tried something based on what you are saying.

    A level 70 ports to tyrants throne. stays level 70, can mentor down to 65 or lower.

    A level 70 summons a level 10 from tempest bay, while that level 10 (original level) is at that moment side-kicked to 70. Landing on tyrants throne, the level 10 is no longer sidekicked to 70 but to 62.

    this is not in line with the level the zone was created/intended for.
    I walked around a bit, but stayed at level 62.
    I'm taking a wild guess, that the side-kick is maxed at 62, since the area is through the swimming achievement linked to goboro reef.

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