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Thread: supply crate missing

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    Default supply crate missing

    Shortly after reset timer, I claimed my daily and weekly login rewards.

    I also tried claiming my minion adventures, those gave me the message ' the adventure can't be claimed at this time'

    So I went to my bag, opened the daily and weekly rewards, got the harvest supply create from the weekly. I opened the crate, got the animation window for the crate. I flipped the first card, showing me the legion datagrams. I wanted to flip the 2nd card, when a loot window popped in my screen showing me the loot from one of the minions, I clicked the take all in that pop up, got the starweave cloth.

    But when that small window closed, the animation window for the supply crate closed too. I did not get anything from the supply crate, nor is the crate in my bags anymore.

    The tower fragments in the chatwindow are the loot from opening the weekly reward, not from the loot box.
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