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Thread: [Bug Report] Gedlo Curry Pot overwrites Bogling Souprise

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    Default [Bug Report] Gedlo Curry Pot overwrites Bogling Souprise

    Gedlo Curry Pot, and possibly other feasts, which is a feast that gives combat perks,
    (1) overwrites the Fae Yule cosmetic effect Bogling Souprise if a Souprise is eaten first, and
    (2) prevents Bogling Souprise from being applied when the feast is present first, which wastes the Bogling Souprise.

    Expected: a combat buff feast and a cosmetic only item should be able to be used at the same time.

    Repro 1:
    Use Bogling Souprise, which makes your character bigger
    Place Gedlo Curry Pot and use Gedlo Curry Pot
    Observed: Bogling Souprise fades off your character, and you get smaller

    Clear Gedlo Curry Pot and Bogling Souprise.
    Place Gedlo Curry Pot if needed and use Gedlo Curry Pot
    Use Bogling Souprise
    Observed: nothing happens other than you lose a Bogling Souprise

    I want to be even bigger in raid, dammit.
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    i could be wrong but many of those buff foods are not cosmetic only, you do get a stat boost from wasail and bogling surprise, which is why they do not stack with feasts and other buffing foods

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