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Thread: [Bug Report] Cleric eternal conflicts with Yule cosmetic transforms

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    Default [Bug Report] Cleric eternal conflicts with Yule cosmetic transforms

    The Fae Yule cosmetic transforms - Candy Cane, Candy Apple, Yulelogon's Sap, Mistletoe Berries - appear to conflict with the cleric eternal weapon, and possibly the rogue (not tested by me).

    1. Have the Cleric eternal Maul of Obliteration equipped (I assume all other tiers with the proc would behave the same)
    2. Use Candy Cane, Candy Apple, Yulelogon's Sap, or Mistletoe Berries

    Observed: Character flickers and I never see the transform. In the combat log, the transform "buff" immediately fades. The item is wasted.
    Expected: Character is transformed in to the respective critter, and stays that way until the buff expires or is appropriately triggered to be removed; I believe the usual trigger for shedding transforms (but not always!!) is the use of any ability.

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    Primalist eternal might do something similar: When my friend approached me and my friend (both mages) who were wearing the Fae Yule items, we lost our Transformed selves and returned to humanoids. We were able to transform again (as was he) but they eventually fell off again.

    I do not know if his eternal fell off/was replaced, then reapplied, I didn't think to look.

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