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Thread: 4.3 Mage Bugs & QoL

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    Default 4.3 Mage Bugs & QoL

    One year since Notawaifu has created this thread and nothing is fixed, especially Lingering Torment bug which is a huge dps loss.
    I'm also fed up playing archon because of planar exhaustion bug which doesn't fall off on death... Please Trion, do something for these known and clearly described bugs.


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    The Lingering Torment Bug was fixed with Hotfix #7 11/29/2017 (WARLOCK * Legendary Neddra's Grasp can now trigger its legendary effect repeatedly as intended)

    Lingering Torment refreshes its duration when Legendary Neddra's Grasp procs but Legendary Neddra's Grasp still doesn't make the correct damage if you you apply Legendary Neddra's Grasp with Dark Touch and the 62 Healing Expertise Mastery.

    Neddra's Grasp still doesn't work with Mallanon (unit type ID: U213D348638BD5A02) and Commander Isiel (unit type ID: U3C84FDFB6ED0AD1B), that's something that could be fixed in a few minutes if Trion compare the database entries of these bosses with the others.

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