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Thread: JOURNYMAN guild perk not working

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    Default JOURNYMAN guild perk not working

    I went thru 30 lvls in crafting and never skipped one time, I use this perk so I know its bugged as of today.

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    not a bug
    bad rng

    You have the same chance at getting 5 skips in a row as getting 0 at 30 attempts

    there is average based on expectations.. but that does not mean that is necessarily the outcome.

    And yes , I tested.. 4 skips in 30 points.. it happens

    sidenote.. it does matter what color your recipes are.. green recipes are likely to give less skips, since the chance at getting a skill point on those is way lower than on a yellow recipe.
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    guild perk rewards a chance at an extra skill point.

    This seems to work no more. Our guild is max level.

    I an leveling a craft and doing daily quest every day for it. Before I got 2 points for one craft with guild perk. Happened often.
    Now I've been doing my daily for one month, each day giving only ONE skill point.

    Seems guild perk is broken (or had been nerfed). Definitely not working now like it was last year.

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    The guild perk is rng.

    Crafting orange/yellow/green recipes is a chance between x and y% at a skill point.
    farming stuff at orange/yellow/green recipe is gathering (parts of) skill points and the rng depending on the recipe color and for how many skill points that recipe has been of that color

    Every daily quest at the same skill point level will have the same chance at making the next skill point.
    Every daily quest at guild perk journeyman 3/3 has the same rng chance at that bonus skill point.

    It may be, that crafting a daily got you 1 point from the skill/recipe color + 1 bonus point, while the recipe was orange/yellow
    |t may also be, that crafting a daily got you 1 point from the bonus perk and 0 from the skill ring/recipe color.

    Basically, orange recipes grant 90 to 100% chance at a skill point. Fresh orange recipe 100, after say 7 orange recipe skill points, that chance drops towards 90%.

    yellow recipes.. 50 to 90%.. Same thing.. the more skill points you gather on that yellow recipe, the closer you get to the point where the recipe will turn green.. so the % to get a skill point drops with that process as well.

    Green recipes.. 5 to 50% The first 3 skill points on green recipes will come fairly easily, but the last skill point at which the recipe is still green may take 20 or more attempts, because every time you craft that recipe, the chance will be that 5%..
    One may expect that for 5% chance you need some 20 attempts, but all the same, it can be 40 attempts.

    The % may be not be exact in the above, but it comes rather close.

    For example butchering, skill 310-330. recipe bone torch.. I've had chars crafting that recipe 50 times to get from 310 to 330... but also chars crafting that recipe over 100x and not getting to 330.

    And for those wanting to know the test field size.. I have levelled over 50 chars on butcher 376+
    (and yes, almost all of them have fishing, survival and 2 crafting/farming skills over 376 as well)

    As for the chance.. it seems to me, that with current crafting tiers, the recipes are green over a longer stretch than in previous crafting tiers, which may well influence the chance at skill points.
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