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Thread: Puppet: Greatfather Frost as Minion Mission loot

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    Default Puppet: Greatfather Frost as Minion Mission loot

    I have gotten at least 3 Puppet: Greatfather Frost in the 4-hour Fae Yule Minion Missions, and I see two bugs.

    1. It is soulbound, unlike all the other Fae Yule puppets, so I can't give any duplicates to alts.

    2. It is a reward for a Fae Yule achievement so why is it even appearing as Minion Mission loot?

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    1 : it is a special puppet...
    2 : not everybody does the achievement

    3 you talk about GREATfather Frost the achievement mentions Greatfather Frost as well as Grandfather Frost in this achieve/puppet

    are they really the same, or is this one of the bugs you see?
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