Bug: When Frostkeeper's armor is active and Legendary Rime is selected in the tree, the 6% damage reduction is not being applied to yourself when Legendary Rime heals you once every five seconds.

Reproduceability (for example): Put enough points into FK to get 4/4 Stewardship and then select Legendary Rime. Cast Frostkeeper's armor on yourself. Then attack a mob. Damage from a non-FK ability correctly triggers a Leg Rime heal on yourself but does not apply the Frostkeeper's Ward buff to yourself (reducing damage and applying a shield). Manually casting Rime or Earthen Renewal on yourself does trigger Frostkeeper's Ward.

Fix: have Legendary Rime correctly trigger Frostkeeper's Ward. Or if that is not possible, then in addition to its 5sec proc, make Legendary Rime instant cast ogcd with a 4sec cd.