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Thread: HORRIFIC LAG!!! Come on already!??

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    Default HORRIFIC LAG!!! Come on already!??

    I was in wf's today and four out of five games landed in where the entire team disconnected, I stayed afloat magically But I was so close to get the objective than everyone is just standing still, and the sound of pewpewpew over and over again just truly made me think twice about logging in again. I did log in again only to find the other team won and I was truly upset by this because I knew our team would have had it if it weren't for the atrocious lag.. But than I decided to do Expert dungeons and it was so worse, it truly was where everything was lagging ...so much that we could not progress in any shape, way form. ..we all had to die and re enter it. It actually took ME what I know to be true for me, to log off and log back in...and everything was cool. Thank the God's my party was waiting for me and they did not boot me, which I had to go through my entire PC openers that take time to shun all the listed apps away So Props to my Party, big time! I don't know whats going on with the servers but maybe an easier fix is to be to simplify them, it almost seems like your bandwidth on your side is being over run on one or many of your MAIN addressees to all your servers, also if you are pushing everyone to land on one server it will eat up your bandwidth. I mean in dungeons and where parties are formed. Its almost a wonderful idea to have us all on the same servers, until that very tool lands us all in Lag???

    Ps. no one is running the best machine here , however some of them are and still getting kicked. I mean this is the top reason games collapse because it becomes unplayable, look at Albion online, it was supposed to be awesome but it failed to technical ********.... and this game has a chance if they work on it???

    I mean its real bad when its just constant lag and dc's. Trion , please work on that first and foremost.
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