I decided to do some low level dungeons today and Abyssal Precipice was one of the ones I went into. When I entered I was given 3 quests. Deep Touched Technology was one of them.

Deep Touched Technology
Collect Defiant tech that has been stolen and corrupted by the Abyssal.
Collect the Ethian Core
Collect the Unstable Sourcestone
Collect the Deep Touched Source Canister

All 3 items are in the dungeon, they sparkle, but whenever I try and loot them it opens up an empty loot window and I can't complete this quest. The same thing happened to any harvestable materials in the dungeon. Not sure if this is a bug.

The only addon I use is completionist and I tried turning that off to see if that fixed the issue but it did not. The dungeon was set to standard so I don't know if that matters (the quest says standard dungeon).

I sent in a report to a GM but I wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas as well. Thank you