1.Hello dear Rift Team,
Thank you for this great game.
Unfortunately I noticed a bug.
Who we are! Stand United! used and you get the buff that I'm with you! Without cost, this can only be done with the normal form as soon as I'm with you! Legendary did not work anymore, it consumes buff and cost.
2. The furtherin I noticed that you put a lot of work into the synagy of souls.
That's why I wonder why there are abilities that are completely useless.
For Discharge from the VK, this skill costs more and does less damage than Reckless Strike. and Devouring Shield the same way too long cd for the amount of shielding what you get and it's still not stacked with Riftschild.
and the next ragestorm, this is a skill that scales with destructive force and packs the existing ones but consumes regestorm itself. this does not make sense. take the damage of Regestorm down and remove the packs consumption.