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Thread: [BUG REPORT] Stonesource greaters do not have Unique property

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    Default [BUG REPORT] Stonesource greaters do not have Unique property

    Time: ?

    Context: Stonesource greaters do not have Unique property.

    Expected: All of the greaters should have Unique property.

    Observed: I was checking greater linked by friend and noticed that none of the Stonesource greaters do not have Unique property unlike other greaters which is letting players to equip two Stonesource greaters unlike other ones which players can not equip two of same kind greaters with different suffixes even.

    Here is a clear screenshot showing that Stonesource greater does not have Unique Equip.

    Here is another greaters showing that they have Unique Equip on them

    Here is version info of bug noticed on live.
    External version: 1.0.0
    Internal version: STABLE-304-257-A-1201021
    Built: Nov 27 2017 23:59:57 RWC-RIFTBLD02
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