Time: ?

Context: Seething Core doesn't lose Seething Charge stacks upon wipe/disengage

Expected: Seething Core should lose Seething Charge stacks upon wipe/disengage

Observed: I was helping some guild members on iROTP and we had some pug players as well, one of the pugs crashed on mid fight and let Seething Core gain 7 stacks on it due to he received aoe under him when his connection didn't fully terminate, so we wiped on boss then we engaged to Seething Core again but noticed he still had stacks but it was too late then wiped, he was fully healed and recovered as well, below you can find buff details on Seething Charge, I took on fresh fight thou.

{begin = 532.45098876953, caster = "u0550800069DB3BC2", description = "Mana drained from others is used to power a deadly Tectonic Punch", descriptionComplete = true, duration = 59.90625, icon = "Data/\\UI\\ability_icons\\generic_ability_031.dds", id = "b80000002BE3E4EC8", name = "Seething Charge", remaining = 53.146301269531, stack = 2, type = "B547F833C53818A30"}
Here is version info of issue seen on live.
External version: 1.0.0
Internal version: STABLE-304-257-A-1201021
Built: Nov 27 2017 23:59:57 RWC-RIFTBLD02