Time: ?

Context: T1/T2 raid vendor chest pieces not having equal weights for all classes unlike LFR/Expert level gears etc

Expected: All gear pieces for classes should have same weights for any gear level

Observed: I was checking warrior bis gear done by Tyael like a week ago then noticed that stats for vendor chest pieces for both T1 and T2 raids are having more main stat then rogue ones which is making only overlord from raid drop is only actual upgrade for warriors as dps wise then went in game and compared all vendor pieces for all classes noticed everything from World to T2 gear level except chest pieces are having same weights for each slot and chest piece weights from World to LFR gear level are actually same.

Starting from T1 gear chest pieces for both warriors and clerics are only second to overlord suffix but mage and rogue chest pieces are almost equal to hero level which is very common considering and with T2 drop gear upgrade price is actually much more than vendor one thats pushing both mages and rogues to wait upgrade any chest pieces currently.

Screenshot: Below screenshots clearly showing vendor piece for warriors and clerics are second to overlord which is making them better than even conqueror pieces.

Conqueror suffix upgraded:

Overlord suffix upgraded:

Cleric vendor chest upgraded:

Mage vendor chest upgraded: