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Thread: [BUG REPORT] Barbed shot effecting each Marksman in raid.

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    Default [BUG REPORT] Barbed shot effecting each Marksman in raid.

    Time: Since 3.1?

    Context: Barbed shot got its rework on 3.1 as debuff and got new ability increasing crit chance of channeled abilities and also got new feature on Starfall Prophecy causing debuffed enemy taking increased damage from player, unluckily for each Marksman debuffed target this bonuses effecting all together causing huge crit chance and damage taken from Marksmans.

    Expected: Marksman's should only get benefit from their own "Barbed Shot" debuffs.

    Observed: There was a debate on forums, OP of thread claimed Rapid Fire Shot is broken and having 100% crit chance but in reality broken thing was Barbed Shot which is causing for each Marksman applied it benefit is increasing, also only channeled ability not getting benefit from Barbed Shot is "Sentry Battery" apperantly even personal debuff does not effect it, all other channeled abilities Rapid Fire Shot, Strafe, Chain Destruction all getting benefit from crit chance increase from "Barbed Shot" and I think thats the reason that benefit didn't get noticed on NMT because Strafe and Chain Destruction were barely used on prior to Starfall Prophecy but with introduction of Rapid Fire Shot legendary marksman got another channeled ability used on usual rotation.

    Example: If 3x Marksman debuffed target all marksman channeled abilities will have extra 30% crit chance instead of 10% and all Marksman abilities will have 60% damage increase instead of 20%. Also tooltip of Barbed shot stating 10% damage increase but debuff tooltip is stating 20% like from this patch notes

    Repro steps:
    1) Get more than 1 marksman in a group.
    2) First debuff target with Barbed Shot yourself only and use channeled abilties on target specially a dummy.
    3) Let other marksmans in group use their Barbed Shot's and use channeled abilties on target
    4) Compare crit chance differences between both tries.

    Version: Below you can find version information currently tested version on live:
    External version: 1.0.0
    Internal version: STABLE-304-251-A-1199970
    Built: Nov 13 2017 23:53:42 RWC-RIFTBLD02
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    Raiding changed to bugusing since your post. It makes less and less fun from week to week.

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