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Thread: Mage weapon not showing in game

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    Default Mage weapon not showing in game

    I made a new mage with the Frozen Deity premade soul, and it always shows a two hand sword in game even though I equipped a staff in the wardrobe tab. The staff shows on the Wardrobe tab, on the character tab and on the character select screen.

    Even when I select, "No wardrobe set" the equipped staff does not show in game, just the same two hand sword.

    I bought another soul, and the staff properly shows in game with the Gravelord premade soul.

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    It is likely the Harbinger weapon buff, if so then it is working as intended.

    The Frozen Deity preset includes Harbinger which utilizes self buffs (specifically you are likely using Lighting Blade) which change your wielded weapon appearance (in this case to a glowing two handed blade). This is part of the buff and overrides your wielded weapon wardrobe options as long as the buff is on.

    You will either have to deal with it if you want to use the buff (not sure how relevant it is to the preset) or use Lightning Charge instead (which doesn't override your wardrobe/weapons) if you don't care about the melee damage bonus.

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    Same issue here.

    I don't mind the harb weapon skin buff... but at the moment my character has no weapon at all. (hands in the right place but the skin is null... makes for bad animations.)

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