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Thread: Cancelling Mage Eternal Weapon "Primal Energy" breaks it until reequip

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    Default Cancelling Mage Eternal Weapon "Primal Energy" breaks it until reequip

    Context: Mage Eternal Weapon any stage.
    Expected: Canceling the buff to remove the stacks you have but then when you recast another primary bolt for it to reproc as new.
    Observation: The procs will never reapply until the weapon is unequipped and then reequipped.
    Repro Steps:
    - have Eternal Weapon equipted
    - cast a primary bolt
    - cancel the buff "Primal Energy"
    - cast another Primary Bolt
    - no proc

    thanks qUiXui
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    I think after seeing this issue also appeared on mages, clearly We can say all eternals suffering this issue like we reported on here
    RemoveBuff a simple addon for replacing cancelbuff command.
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    Gadgets 0.11, updated for 4.3
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