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    Default [NON-ISSUE] Daily and Weekly Patron Boxes on the Fritz?

    At 11:59 am MT, I opened both of my patron boxes but didn't receive what was in the chat screen. It said I received Sagum of the Tempest and also an Infinity Walker Supply Crate. I didn't receive a cape at all and instead of the Walker Supply Crate, I received a Hunter Resource Bundle.
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    I think there is a bit of misunderstanding?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xarha View Post
    The Sagum of the Tempest is a cosmetic wardrobe unlock. In your chat, it displays that the appearance is now unlocked for you, so that appears to be working.

    And here, the window open on your screen is a Supply Crate. The Hunting Resource Bundle was one of the 5 things in the Supply Crate.

    So as near as I can tell in your screenshots, nothing is amiss.
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