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    Default [PENDING FIX] Help command on client not showing all usable commands

    Time: Since ?

    Context: When player uses /help command in game it's not listing all usable commands to him, there was a question on discord related loading fragment sets in game without using loadequip, so I used /help in game but it somehow didn't list related commands.

    Expected: When player uses /help command (s)he should receive list of all usable commands.

    Observed: Since /help command didn't list commands and there was such reply from dev on forums, I went to pts and memory searched for available commands and catch few commands working in game but not listed by /help command.
    Here is list:
    guffaw: An emote
    shadowfighting: Player fights with his shadow in game
    hidecompanions: Hides companions?
    disco_dance: Store only victory dance.
    combatlogexpanded: Expanded combatlog added on 4.0 hotfix #4
    helpme: An emote
    manipulate: Works like same way as /emote command.
    loadplanarfragmentset: Loads fragment set works like loadequip
    recycleallplanarfragments: Recycles all fragments in inventory with one go
    clearfriendslist: Removes all friends with one go also announced here
    exportfriendslist: Exports all friends like ui and keybindings but no import there... also announced here

    Repro steps:
    1) Type /help in game as player
    2) Compare the list and check if the commands above there
    3) Use command and get it work.
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    Thanks, I've added some of the above into the slash command list, no ETA on when it will go live.

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