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    Default list of bug i will update it

    list of bug i will update it

    to not post 50 times i will put a list there (will keep it updated)

    debilitating dart does not snane like it says

    legendary flash of the phoenix often goes on a 5 min cd and doesnt work , happen often during a cc or if the target take alot of damage especialy if its an ally and especialy if hes low hp

    legendary desecrate dmg is not reduced in pvp doing pve dmg

    still crashing on loading screen been happening for years...

    inferior buff remplace better one this is not normal neddra's might is remplacing heroic resolve and not only that they are not even the same heroic resolve is self buff and neddra is raid it makes no sense
    ez fix would be to make neddra's might give 1k endurance just like the other so we dont lose 840 end upon use

    previewing someone weapon via inspect bugs out completely

    right after i send a yell message i am unable to chat in white it doesnt appear at all

    when i do unignore a player that have been ignored either by an alt or an old name it tells me im not ignoring him but when i try to talk to him it says i do

    when we change zone we lose our glyph of shalistiri ????

    some people (that are not in my ignore) cant be added on my friend list

    crash mid warfront and i relog with disgrace its still happening 5 years later

    after using warmonger charm and i jump down something example antechamber spawn or lib spawn i take 8k dmg of fall dmg from my own proc (happen 100% of the time since the introduction of the warmonger charm lvl 65)

    minion loot sometime appear behind the minion windows

    joining wf low hp (the initial heal doesnt always work)

    attacking in melee as(rogue)and my bow goes out and i stop attacking nowhere

    logging a character too fast sometime result in no ressourses regenetation ex/mage stuck at 0 mana rogue/war stuck at 0 energy

    thunderous leap warrior ability doesnt interrupt like intended

    we still can see the weapon glow of stealthed player

    consumable on weapon remove stealth upon expiration

    the purple circle area on map that show location for EVENT are not shown if i change server

    when we join a warfront we cant even change spec were stuck in combat(sometime more than a minute)

    when a mage put a barrier on you in warfront and the wf end u will remain stuck in combat cuz of it and unable to join more warfront

    sometimes when my pet die i rez him and it doesnt bring my pet bar back

    stunned a marksman and he still could either crossfire me or repelling shot me

    when we open the guild tab and my bag open over it if i want to take something from the guild tab and put it in my bag wich are on top of the guild tab it will instead move the item in the guild vault instead of in my bag if u test it u can see that when u hold the drag item over your bag slot it will be seen on the vault

    my tempest insignia get used before my soul recall on this macro (wrong macro order somehow)
    cast soul recall
    use tempest insignia
    similar with this
    consu pop before the spell in macro example panacea before cleanse soul or potion before healing brew

    xx aoe can remove hidden veil through the 15 sec try it with living flame 1/2 of the time it does or even strike of maelstrom

    wats the use of having a focus target if when the target dies in warfront it automatically remove it from focus ? it should stay on target

    when a player stand on a tile high in the air in a dimension and if a person join the dim he will see this person on the floor level when in reality this player is high up on the tile

    my record video sometimes stop by itself way before 10 min

    sometime we can insta lose stealth right after slip away through the 4 sec protection while taking dmg maybe from multiple source but still the slip away is suposed to always prevent stealth to break for 4 sec

    we can be stuck in some library middle floor corner with the book on floor

    some buffs remove stealth also happens upon expiration


    we cannot use our micro brew we have this message here and i we not have any other brew on http://prntscr.com/8hmi8h http://prntscr.com/cq0cq1

    how can it say prephase heal overheal and im not at all full hp in warfront

    stuck in combat during warfront cant stealth very anoying

    i had a streak in warfront and then my game crashed and i reloged within 10 sec and when i did continue my streak at 9-0 i didnt got my unstoppable i got rampage of 6 kill instead that shouldnt be possible

    stun grenade should trigger a break free very important for pvp balance

    satchel charge dot shouldnt cancel flag capping in warfront

    sometimes when im stealthed and i use slip away people can see me at that location even if im not there anymore in warfront

    xx legendary ride the wind doesnt make summoning quiver instant

    were still stuck in combat when we have previous warfront barrier buff so we cant enter the next wf it shouldnt do that the other buff doesnt

    xx doctrine of bliss use 4 conviction instead of 1

    necro pet doesnt always attack feared enemy

    i confirm that nobody can permission to move or take my dim item and since few patch ago some item dissapeared from my dim

    the people i put on ignore are not there anymore if they play another character or change name or server what is wrong with this it should update accordingly in those lists ?

    sometime the cc icon is wrong it goes off and the person still has the break free showing on
    buff giving her immune for 1-2 more second

    we are stuck in combat in warfront we cant even drink..(especialy bad with no healer warfront)

    when in pvp combat the faeri pasive heal is reduced but if a player put me a dot and then i run away as soon as im out of combat the reduction in pvp doesnt work even if its a pvp dot and it keep ticking

    the ecolo quest item from weekly crafting is not available so i cant do quest

    we cant see my friend log in and off ntification not work
    only my ui volume is on and i hear mount and environment things

    the ui volume often stop working and we gota relog everytime

    when i put master volume and ui volume and the rest is off i hear some weird animal noice ?

    when my inventory is full and i auto pickup thing in mail my inv gets full and when i try to make space by draging item in the guild bank it tell me eror please free inventory space but it doesnt let me....

    emote such as /lookout only work as elf/kelari

    we still see pm from people on ignore

    why if people change name or such it doesnt update on the ignore list i cannot put this player on ignore cuz it say i already ignore him but i see this person spam me still i cant know wat was his previous name so i cannot ignore him because the game is broke http://prntscr.com/ey4uf5

    the reactive ability hotkey doesnt goes off at all

    the focus command doesnt work

    sometimes we can still be cc through break free

    we still getting crash during fight

    all charges still turn me 180 degree when im close http://prntscr.com/h42uyq

    when we sync the victory dance with couple friend after a while not only it unsync but we all see diferent sync it should not be the case

    when a sidekicked person relog it doesnt benefit from sidekick anymore

    hidden veil is often instantly removed this must be fixedy it says 15 sec not 1 sec

    often enough the damage of the killing blow by a player is not shown when my pet die (overkill)

    xx why do the caster of fire storm sees it green when other see it red ??????

    healer's blessing wont work with husk of indifference

    xx ride the wind sometime doesnt remove all the root example cleric support root

    aoe crash bug lot of ppl at the same location crash (experienced that more than 50 times)

    xx warlock armor damage while hit are completely neglected if the enemy is having planar shield on and its not trigering the planar shield charges

    xx when i leave an ia during a combat i am back in town died

    importkeybindings doesnt work properly

    we cant mark enemy in wf since volstigar patch (also the 3 marking section is not good idea)

    combat alacrity mage passive doesnt reduce the cd on fast summon

    nightmare coast after the first boss were still forever stuck in combat

    nightmare coast the second boss still sometime cast his one shot aoe spell without warning

    nightmare coast sometime the newjoining group player cant enter the dungeon(not cause the prvious player are still in)

    sometime for no reason my target doesnt show life number anymore i have to uncheck and check the option target again to fix

    sometime my focus or my target stop showing their buff usualy happen after the player got to stealth and left it or if he go out of range
    additionally the focus should remain even if the target die

    alot of bug relating to duel example during a duel the previous duel with another player if that player type /forfeit it will cancel our duel

    often enough the crash report does crash...

    when the time run out at the end of a warfront we dont get ourself exit the warfront were stuck inside

    sometime we crash after sending a duel request
    sometime many player in the vicinity also

    sometime we crash during the duel and sometime both player crash
    usualy happen when both player die at the same time

    sometime after the duel countdown either 1 or both player remains friendly and never turn red
    happen often when the player accept the duel request at the last second

    not only being stuck in loading screen is a bug more than 5 years old but we get banned for experiencing them

    if u check carefuly in my buff i have my break free but i am still rooted by this purple circle spell
    it also happen for stun and any cc for years
    so break free doesnt always work

    earthen barrier doesnt heal the other player that have the buff only work for self (put it on a party member then have this member duel someone the barrier heal wont work
    earthren barrier on other player doesnt heal them in pvp http://prntscr.com/h42vny

    often losing slip away instantly after using it even through hidden veil in warfront

    antechamber capture flag did not work again jan 11 nothing...
    there is no possible way to make the flag cap work even other people tryed we ran around and tryed again nothing worked even letting other people try
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    +1 please fix bugs

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    damn old bugs still not fixed

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    the list is getting bigger sadly

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    have to be seen by new staff

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    It's pointless to say but the tooltips on most abilities are wrong and don't work as they say, but the point is what are the gone do about it , the answer is we all know nothing

    it's Gamigo, and i don't blame them for this realy realy messed **** what trion left behind

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    2-3 of them got fixed still some work to do

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    updated still need alot of works

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    Hey all I gotta ask is if it's a tooltip please include the soul tree and a little more detail on why it's incorrect. I'm gonna mark them all down (also any fixed ones please remove so we're not investigating a fixed issue if you haven't been doing so already)

    EDIT: I saw macro order one, the reason why it casts out of order is because Tempest Insignia is an item it's not a spell the macro recognizes it as an item and will start casting soul recall but then cast tempest insignia instead because it didn't have any casting error (cause it's an item not a spell)
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