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    Default [FIXED] Vostigar Daily Quests that don't share while in group

    Tacitus had said in Discord some days ago that it was intended for Vostigar Peaks daily quests to be done while grouped however the discovery of several quests that don't share between members of a group rather discourages group activity. The number and density of elite mobs in the area leads me to think that the quests and areas where the quests were done were designed with players doing this in maybe groups of 2-3.

    What Tacitus said in Discord:
    Any set up to not group share, are cases of oversight. I didn't author any of them, but just checked in with the content team, and there was no reason why they should NOT share. So I will spot check and fix the ones I see that are not flagged to share.
    Because in general, rift quest content should support group play whenever possible, not just in VP.
    (note that some objective types don't share well, but that should always be an exception, not a rule)
    Collect items from non-mob objects is the main example of an objective that doesn't share well.
    So I enlisted a friend to group up with today's (very annoying) set of dailies. Partly to see if grouping actually works, and partly because I need extra motivation to actually do them because they're really unpleasant to do most of the time. But I figured that if I could help identify the non-sharing quests that might improve them for everyone.

    Research Assistant does not share. Also curious to know whether it is intended that your Legion Disguise disappears when you shard hop (as only one person can be doing the quest at a time, and the Storm Legion there kill you rather quickly if you are not disguised.)

    Planting Explosives does not share either.

    Leaving the Door Open also does not share.

    Artificial Predation and Paint the Base Red shared.
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    If it helps, here is the release note I already have from the changes I made on Friday. These changes should appear in the next hotfix:

    The following daily quests have been modified to better share progress for players in a party: “Leaving the Door Open”, “Mind the Mines”, “Return to Sender”. “Ashes to Ashes”, “Death From Above”, and “Ritual, Begone!”.
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    Hi all, this issue should have been fixed as of today's patch. Thank you for reporting the bug and your patience as we've worked through fixing it.

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