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    Default [FIXED] Jetpack abilities not usable with enough source fuel.

    Time: Since 4.2?

    Context: Jetpack abilities werent usable when I had enough fuel for any of the abilities.

    Expected: Abilities should be usable when player has enough source fuel.

    Observed: I had 32 source fuel on me then I noticed none of abilities from jetpack is usable yet they had requires source fuel text as warning.

    Repro steps:
    1) Have around 30 source fuel on you since maximum fuel needed from abilities is 20.
    2) Mount up your jetpack
    3) Check abilities from jetpack is greyed out on reactive/temporary ability bar

    Having 32 source fuel on me abilities disabled
    After getting another 100 on me abilities enabled
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    I found the culprit for this bug, and this issue will be fixed in next week's patch.
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    Hi all, this issue should have been fixed as of today's patch. Thank you for reporting the bug and your patience as we've worked through fixing it.

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