Time: Since zone events started again.

Context: Sometimes cannons spawned on forgotten forest for zone events in vostigar peak are not hittable by players causing delay to finish objects for event itself.

Expected: Cannons should be hittable by players.

Observed: As you can see from this video only necrotic core is able to hit cannon when tried to use other abilities either got no line of sight or too close errors.

Additional information: Here is unit details for cannon which wasnt able to hittable by players
{availability = "full", combat = true, coordX = 3183.9499511719, coordY = 1210.0300292969, coordZ = 2165.7700195313, health = 6771684, healthMax = 7787620, id = "u80000001C600923F", level = 70, name = "Whirlwind Cannon", radius = 0.5, relation = "hostile", tag = "elemental", tagName = "Elemental", tagged = true, type = "U3F97ED49717914F1"}