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Thread: Baryonic Lithium and Vostigar Data Quest

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    Default Baryonic Lithium and Vostigar Data Quest

    Killing mobs outside alittu gives you Quest Items for this quest, but I do not have it in my quest log, curious!

    Time: Since 4.2?
    Context: Vostigar Peaks / Alittu
    Expected: Expect the quest to be in my quest log
    Observed: I cannot complete or see the quest, and yet it is there, unable to be completed, on multiple characters and accounts.
    Repro Steps: I'm not entirely sure what caused it to disappear, there is feedback on this quest in the PTS feedback section also.

    Typo'd Lithium = Luxium.
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    Have the same items yet no quest in the log.

    Oddly today standing outside Uttila, Orphiel and Asha appeared at my side urging me to kill Utukku, being an obliging sort I did and the Workers dropped more Baryonic Lithium. (I know there was something in the last patch improving the appearance of NPCs who follow you on quests.)

    Normally quest items will not drop unless you have an active quest for them, so it seems the quest is somewhere logged as active on my character but does not appear on my quest list nor give markers on the map.

    So yeah, puzzling.

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