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Thread: Issues with Summerfest Infestations

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    Default Issues with Summerfest Infestations

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I'm working on the Summerfest Scavenger Hunt in Cape Jule - trying to capture skunks.

    Thankfully, this year they seem to have slowed the skunks down which I greatly appreciate but for whatever reason I can be right on top of them with my net and it still isn't capturing them.

    I haven't seen anyone else posting this issue so my assumption is it's operator error of some sort, though I don't know how.

    Is there a special trick that I'm missing? I'd hate to not be able to complete this.

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    I helped a couple friends with this. You have to lead the skunks with your net so they run into it. The easiest way to do this is to follow them until they get to a dead end and as soon as they turn towards you (or whichever direction they are headed) cast just ahead of where they are running. There are several areas where you can follow them where the area they can turn is quite small, and they will have to come back at you. If you are having problems i suggest following them to this.

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    As Alandar stated you need to cast the net ahead of the skunk. There is a casting delay so if you try to place the net on top of the skunk and then cast you will almost always fail (unless the skunk stays in that same general area). Following them to a corner may be the easiest way but for me I just waited until I knew they were on a straight path then cast in front of them (bridges worked best for me).

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