I opened a large number of Spectral Carriage Crates yesterday (July 27) in the afternoon EST.

In at least two of the creates I noticed an item called Tenebrean Agonizing Scanner. I think one was blue so that name might have been different, but in the screenshot I have the second was purple with this name.

I THINK they were both capes with like +2 spellpower or something (that might be wrong) but they were mostly costume. When I clicked the item in the chat link, I didn't have the costume collected so expected it to be in my costume inventory.

The item wasn't looted to my bag (which typically all items are because I have to destroy all the costume stuff once collected). So I checked my costume inventory and it wasn't there either.

I created a support ticket as well to actually get the items, but they said they don't see the item in the recent log history.

I really don't care if I get the items, but it might be a bug that it says it's looted but it is not.

Here is a screenshot with the item in the chat window, not in my bag.
[BUG REPORT] Tenebrean Agonizing Scanner not looted in bags-2017-07-27_104001.jpg