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Thread: [BUG REPORT] Quest: Deploy SIMBOT has issue with placing SIMBOT.

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    Default [BUG REPORT] Quest: Deploy SIMBOT has issue with placing SIMBOT.

    Time: 27/07/2017 4:29 AM (Server time) @ Gelidra
    Context: Quest: Deploy SIMBOT on last stage when you place SIMBOT for Simulacra to detect him/her doesn't register for quest progress, I think issue was related with area itself, yet when it doesn't register for progress you can't take disguise to go back start point so needed to abandon quest and retake it.

    Expected: When simulacra comes next to SIMBOT on last step, quest should be finished.

    Repro steps:
    1) Take Quest: Deploy SIMBOT from Scout Martin at Vostigar Peaks (3480 , 1997)
    2) Talk with Phearin inside Tenon fortress at Vostigar Peaks (3360, 2201)
    3) Take SIMBOT as companion with you and kill 5 simulacra outside of Tenon fortress
    4) Go one of three locations shown on map with SIMBOT
    5) See result of quest not counting on last step.

    Side note: There maybe conflict with Quest: Get a Head of Them quest given by Scout Martin with Quest: Deploy SIMBOT since both quests needed SIMBOT to analyze data.
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