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Thread: Glyph not finding the game or something.

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    Default Glyph not finding the game or something.

    I've just decided to get back to RIFT after moving from one game to another,and before that,I had to format my PC,so I copied the RIFT files and put them on another hard disk,now after downloading glyph,I made sure to set the location of RIFT files correctly as E:/Games/RIFT however,it keeps making me download around 144 mbs,and after finishing the "start up" download,it starts downloading 14gbs,now im pretty sure my files were 7gbs at least(I copied half of the game from my friend because I lost my hard disk actually because he never finished the update)so is the update more than 14gbs now?or is it glyph that's not detecting them?

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    Are you going into the settings for Glyph and pointing the launcher to E:\Games\Rift ?

    You could always just drag all that folder to the default Glyph folder like in this screen shot but browsing Glyph to your E: Drive should equally work

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