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Thread: RIFT marco create inqury

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    Default RIFT marco create inqury

    Hi All,

    Wish to find a good marco create command list, is there anywhere i could find?
    currently i only know the comment ones which people always using in their marcos, such as basic :


    wish to get a more advanced and conclusive indication of marco commands and trying to create some nice marcos to improve PVP skill, such as( i my hope it could lol):

    -equip a item , active the use effect on it, then unequip and swap back to normal item on same equip socket
    - cast certain finisher in the marc lines only if meet the certain codition of the char, ( such as only when 100 fury or 100 cunning of premilist, or 3 'swords' of the warrior, ' max 'skull' of the rogue and such)

    Wish to disscuss and gald if people can share their experense on creating intresting marcos and lets make this game more fun and easy to handle ~ cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistywolf View Post
    Wish to find a good marco create command list, is there anywhere i could find?
    Have you looked in the dedicated Addons, Macros, and UI forum? There's a big thread there called the "Ultimate Rift Macro Guide". It's not exactly a guide, but contains all the commands and stuff.
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    there is also a full list of commands in the macro UI, just hit the 'COMMANDS' button

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