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Thread: Quick and Dirty PVP guide/Warfront match explinations

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    Default Quick and Dirty PVP guide/Warfront match explinations

    Disclaimer: I am no guide writer. I’m merely out to give those new, returning or simply lost players an area where information is gathered in one spot. Please don’t expect perfection.

    With the PVP influx due to battle pass and new content as well as corona causing folks to return and look for new avenues of fun, I’m going to break down each warfront so people have some form of idea how/what to do.

    The Black Garden – Fang version
    Player Count: 20 players, 10 on each side.
    Objective: Hold the fang to acquire points
    Points to Win:First to 500

    The fang spawns dead center of the matches “playground”. Points are awarded by holding the fang with more points being awarded for holding it close to the center and killing other players. Ideally here, you want specs with AOE, knockbacks and stuns. Anything to interrupt people picking up that fang in the middle. You will want to fight close to where the fang is, even if its held by another player on the other team and AOE off the area when its on the ground. Healing specs do help here as the fang causes damage to the holder.

    The Tenebrean Prison
    Player Count: 20 players, 10 on each side
    Objective: Tenebrean Prison is a typical deathmatch style warfront, you gain 1 point for every kill, you lose 1 point for every death, the first team to 20 points wins.
    Points to Win: First to 20

    There are several orbs around this warfront that can be used to your benefit. There is a red orb in the middle that when pressed deducts 6 points from the other team. The blue orb (located to the far left/right of the map) when pressed, grants the player a reactive buff that casts a 2 second channel gtae that reduces the healing taken of any player inside by 100%, this effect lasts 8 seconds and stuns for 1s. The yellow orbs (located in the 4 corners) when used, increase your damage by 200% which lasts 2 minutes. Whilst the aim of Tenebrean Prison is to get kills, these powerups will help a great deal, the 200% damage buff orbs respawn the fastest, so you will be able to maintain that damage buff for the entire warfront. They spawn 20s after the warfront begins and are announced by “Tenebrean Rage can now be collected”. You should never rush the middle as this will often time give the other teams quick points. Play the map and stay on the outside until power ups are obtained.

    Ghar Station Eyn
    Player Count: 5-15
    Objective: Control deadly numbers
    Points to Win: First to 1,000

    In this map, you can gain points 3 ways. One is by holding the stones located around the arena. The second, is by holding the stone while playing Manugo at one of the 4 stations on the map. The third is by killing other players. The strategy with this map is fairly straight forward. Kill the other players that hold stones, while your team holds stones and uses the manugo stations. The team that controls the “center” of the area, often times wins due to controlling the largest portion of the stones and manugo stations. Heals here are effective in gaining control of the center but after that you will usually only self heal as you hold a stone or someone that is holding one. Please note that holding 2 “deadly numbers” close together will result in player damage for both players.

    Library of the Runemasters
    Player Count: 5-15
    Objective: Control Deadly Runes
    Points to Win: First to 1,000

    In this map you can gain points 2 ways. One is by holding the “deadly runes” and the other is by killing players. At the start of the match, runes spawn in 4 locations with 2 on each side of the arena. Usually a team “claims” the side to the right of their load in. It is effective to have players go to the opposite side to either grab that teams runes, or delay/interrupt them from grabbing it themselves even if it cost you your “life”. Around mid-match another 2 runes will spawn on the “sides” of the arena for a total of 6 runes. Runes are by far the quickest method of obtaining points. Heals are effective here as they keep the rune carriers alive. Standing too close to another rune holder will do damage to both of you that is quite sufficent so make sure to keep decent distancing.

    Karthan Ridge – Core version
    Player Count: 5-15
    Objective: Detroy the other teams “cores” by sinking the stone into it
    Points to win: First to destroy all 3 cores wins

    In this map 2 source stones will spawn in the center of the arena around a “gate portal”. Both teams will rush to the middle to fight it out with the victors forcing the other team back so that stones can be picked up, or killing them so that they can pick the stones up and score an easy point. Heals here work great because most battles take place in a wide open area as well as stone carriers will need them. The cores are located in 3 locations, exactly identical but flipped on each side. Interrupting those who are trying to pick up the stones or trying to sink them with damage and aoe is advised.

    Escalation Whitefall
    Player Count: 5-15 players
    Objective: Collect 3 stones and return them to base
    Points to win: First team to have all 3 stones located in their base

    In this map, source stones spawn at varying time frames according to when the last was taken to the base. It has become common practice in this map to “hold the stone” so as you don’t have to split your players into attackers of the middle and defenders protecting your base. At the start of the map one stone is placed dead center and both teams rush to the center. You will need to force the other team back away from the center to pick up the stone, then control middle/keep your carrier alive while running down the clock, or sinking your stone into your base. Healers are effective and needed to keep dps alive as well as this is the least melee friendly map of any pvp map currently ingame. Damage interrupts picking up a stone but once a holder has it, you have to kill them to force it to be dropped.

    The Codex
    Player Count: 5-15 players
    Objective: Control flags
    Points to Win: First team to 1,000

    Points are divided up into three main groups in this map. The first being killing enemy players, which award 2 points per kill. The second, is by controlling The Vault, Thontic Statue, or Translation Scope. Each of these gives 3 points per tick. The Codex gives 5 points a tick. The time it takes to capture a point from neutral is 10 seconds on your side and 30 seconds on the “enemies” side. While it takes 30 seconds to capture a enemies flag, they can successfully defend that flag by interrupting your capture. Flags do not award award any points while in the “capturing” phase. Most teams will usually have someone stop to grab their “side flag” while the rest bolt for the Codex. Ideally you will want another player or two to stay split from the pack and also head to grab The vault, as well as play interference on their side flag. This will help draw people from their team away from Codex allowing for a easier capture. Heals here are effective especially at the Codex where most battles occur. The usual “capture” options to win is by holding Codex + 1 other (normally your side) or by holding valut, thontic and scope to make up for the points Codex gives. Aoe off the flags helps interrupt the other team trying to capture.

    Blighted Antechamber
    Player Count: 5-15
    Objective: Control the 3 flags while running the other teams flag back to your base
    Points to Win: First to 1,000

    Both teams start above the map on either side. The objective is to capture the flags and hold them while running the other teams flag back to your base as well as protecting your own flag from being ran back. Points in this map are acquired through the flags being held, the other teams flag being ran back to your base, and kills. Most teams quickly obtain the flag on their left, and then head for middle flag to battle it out. The middle flag gives the least points and it is highly recommended to try and control both side flags, while running the other teams flag back to your base. Heals are do come in handy for middle battles but the map is largely spread out and mostly 1v1 battles unless you are following a flag carrier. The quickest way to win this map is by running the other teams flag back to your base. This is a huge amount of points. You will also want a protector of some type guarding your own base and calling for help if the other team shows. A tank of some sort (such as a cleric) or something with ground aoe (such as a mage) comes in handy as rogues like to stealth to the flag and yoink before anyone notices.

    Assault on Bronze Tomb
    Player Count: 10-15
    Objective: Be the fastest team to unlock all 3 rooms and capture them
    Points to win: Capture the rooms the fastest

    This is a map that doesn’t spawn often and I am personally thankful. This map starts with one team attacking and one defending. The purpose of it is to assault and capture each room with the quickest time. There are no points awarded in this match but come down to who captured the most rooms. If the captured rooms are equal with no one capturing all 3, it becomes a tie. In each room there are artifacts that can boost your attack or heal you. There are also sections that boost your movement speed, and room with two giant guns that kill everything they touch and two artifacts that will make the user invulnerable to all AOE damage. Heals come in handy in this match both while defending and attacking but the goal is to burn the other team quickly and progress forward. While defending, heals are far more important but when in the attack phase, you will need high dps to burn quickly.

    Black Garden Domination
    Player Count: 5-10
    Objective: Hold flag points
    Points to win: First to 500

    This map has two ways to score points. You gain them by killing other players, and by holding the flag points. The flags are located one to your left (on your side), one in the middle and one on your right (their side). Most teams will split and assault all 3. One or two players should head to the other teams flag and take or delay them taking it while one or two players head to your teams flag to capture/assault the other teams players that come. The rest should go middle and attempt to capture or delay. Heals can come in handy especially as the larger groups tend to go middle. Aoeing off the flag helps interrupt those attempting to capture it. Holding the opposing teams side flag gives more points than holding the middle so keep this in mind.

    Karthan Ridge Domination
    Player Count: 5-15
    Objective: Hold flag points
    Points to win: First to 1,000

    In this map points are awarded for holding flags and killing enemy players which also give you on average around 2 points per kill. Ideally, you want to attempt and hold 3 flags with those being both of the flags on your side as well as middle. When the match begins, a couple of players need to break from the main group to capture your two side flags while the herd heads to the middle to battle it out. Heals come in handy here for the middle battle. Once your 3 flags are captures (you need to hold until they are fully captured as they can be easily interrupted if not) then you can make progress towards the other sides flags. Stealth comes in handy here as well as run speed as you navigate around the map and “back cap” the other teams flags.

    As a general rule, it is also recommended that the people with less gear and damage output focus on objectives while allowing the geared and high damage output folks to handle the killing. I know and understand everyone has a need to hit stuff and look pretty with high numbers but in the case of warfronts, winning rarely falls upon that. Please do your part and understand that doing objectives is actually more important than being top damage/heals.

    Another Disclaimer: As stated above, I am no professional guide writer. PVP to me is fun and enjoyable. Part of that enjoyment also comes from helping others learn and do better. PVP in rift can be fun but at times toxic and infuriating to others. Please don’t take it personal. Often times trash talk is part of ANY pvp in ANY game. It is important to make sure you are having fun or else there is no point.
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    Holding incase of any additions

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    Nice work Aador!
    Here is a link for a couple of warfront videos for a different twist.

    P.S. Adding a shameless plug to reactivate Port Scion please.
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