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Thread: Quick and Dirty PVP guide/info for new/returning/lost players

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    Default Quick and Dirty PVP guide/info for new/returning/lost players

    Disclaimer: I’m no guide writer, just merely trying to help those that keep asking the same questions so don’t expect perfection.

    Currently there is some level 65 gear that is BIS in PvP due to bolstering + rune/dream orb. Below is that list and where the item comes from:

    Shoulders: Comet of Ahnket – Drops from Fyragnos -- Side note: These are second BIS. The level 70 shoulders will win out with the EoA rune, however that rune goes for 15K+ or is a pain to farm.
    Cape: Comet of Ahnket – Has a drop chance from ANY boss or mini except the last. (never seen but may be possible)
    Neck: Comet of Ahnket ( can drop off any but last ), You can also use the neck from the level 65 section of the rift store ( Equipment > Accessories > level 65 > Abyssal crusaders marks), You can also use the neck from The Rhen of Fate.
    Trinket: Level 65 Warmongers trinket – Found on rift store (Equipment > Accessories > level 65 > Warmongers Marks to purchase)

    As stated above, these items are BIS due to the ability of bolstering, plus being able to rune with old world runes. Most of those require notoriety to be completed to purchase. Below is a list of what rune/orb to use where for LEVEL 65 gear for pvp.

    Shoulders: Savant Dream Orb (crafted by players), Magnificent rune of < Insert main stat > (crafted by players)
    Cape: Savant Dream Orb (crafted by players), Magnificent rune of < Insert main stat > (crafted by players)
    Neck: Savant Dream Orb (crafted by players), Atragarian <insert name for main stat> Rune (requires Atragarian revered, Found on rift store Equipment > Runes > Set to level 65)
    Trinket: Rhenke < Insert name for main stat > rune (requires revered with Cerulean) (Rift store > Equipment > Runes > Set to level 65)

    Now to the level 70 gear, What to use, where it comes from and what runes/orbs if any.

    Helmet: Slayer helm from vendor, Prophetic Dream Orb
    Chest: Drops from pvp boxes. You want the one that upgrades to 988 Main stat
    Gloves: Slayer gloves from vendor
    Belt: Slayer belt from vendor, Prophetic Dream orb
    Legs: Drops from pvp boxes. You want the one that upgrades to 988 main stat.
    Boots: Slayer boots from Vendor
    Weapon: Slayers <insert weapon of choice> Rift store pvp weapons. Prophetic or EoA dropped runes
    Ranged: Slayers < Insert ranged of choice> Rift store
    Seal: Rift store, CP rune (prophetic or EoA drop)
    Earrings and rings: Drops from pvp boxes. You want the ones with 621 main stat.
    Focus: You will want the level 70 Challengers Focus of Assult/Power
    Essences: CP in pvp is necessary and hard to come by. You will most likely want a full CP focus with 455 main stat lessers. These drop from PVP boxes.
    Crystal: Pvp crystal. Use the correct one for damage/healing according to your spec. Located on rift store
    Fragments: CP is king. There is no CP main stat for death frags but largely this followed the other BIS guides out.

    Some people are also requesting what consumables are used and where are they obtained. Ill give a list of WHAT I USE, and others can add in the comments if they feel something different.


    Weapons: Whetstones, Oilstones, Powerstones (player crafted)
    Feet: Insoles. You can use the player crafted Tuathe’de OR the pvp vendor version. Same speed
    Chest: Atramentium armor plating (player crafted)
    Legs: Gedlo riding chaps (10% mount run speed – Player crafted)
    Shoulders: Celestial Padding (time to mount speed – player crafted)
    Gloves: Weapon aegis/guard/shield. Ascended powers, requires a charge. Pick your choice.
    Feast: Gedlo Curry Pot (player crafted)
    Drinks to heal: Here I use 2 options. Tuath’de stew (heals more than vendor drinks, cheaper to player craft than to buy drinks from store) I use these when im really low on health and need to quickly regain. I also use Steak Skewers. Much lower healing so it takes a couple, but extremely cheap to make. I use these when I have a moment to burn a couple.
    Potions: Prophetic <insert name of stat> potions, as well as Visionary healing potion. (prophetic isnt worth the cost, both player crafted)
    Blood Thirsty/killing spree. Requires silver artifacts (located at your home town pvp vendor or TB – Requires guild perks). Also a free blood thirsty under ascended powers once every 2 hours.
    Spring loaded pow kickers (rift store > Boosts) Can be bought with credits or on AH. Not necessary and can get expensive. Also drop from weekly/daily boxes.
    Major Energy Potions – Dropped in IA’s/AH. These are largely used for warriors healing due to no eternal to proc.
    Mercenary Recon vial: Purchased with favor in TB. Used to track players on mini map
    Pancea Player crafted. Can get costly/hard to farm the minor catalyst. Useful for those dot builds people run.

    At the risk of people jumping in unnecessarily to argue the worthiness of specs to be mentioned, ill also give a quick list of specs you should look into for each class. I run a large part of these in some form as well as do many other pvpers. I will not list spec builds so that will fall on you to find. There are many in the forums.

    Warrior: Paragon, RB, WC (some still use WL and Reaver.. Reaver will get you picked on, WL has its uses)

    Cleric: Shaman, Inquis, Sent, Puri (clerics arent known for their healing, but some use it There is also a broken spec out that takes advantage of the glitched Puri CD. )

    Rogue: Sin, NB, MM, Ranger (not a lot of rangers but some do), Also Phys isn’t worthless.

    Primalist: Sharknado, Farseer, Dervish

    Mage: FK/chloro, Ele, Warlock, Harbringer

    As stated above, I am no guide writer. I am out to help those that are new, returning, or struggling to find a space where a large amount of pvp info is available. Feel free to critique, add to, take away. PVP in rift can be fun and at times largely toxic but it is pretty much the way of ANY pvp in any game. Most importantly make sure you are having fun. If you aren’t having fun in a game then what is the point?
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    Claiming this spot for any additional stuff i may need to add.

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    Thanks for the guide. With Battle Pass having a ton of PVP missions I need all the PVP help I can get. I've been using Warlord on my warrior, it's fun pulling people around.

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    Thanks for putting this guide out. I have not really cared too much about pvp, but with the new BP out and perhaps (hopefully) a Conquest at some point, it might be worth getting some gear.

    I just go in now without any gear and run in to get my kills or heals, then leave, but perhaps in the future, it will be more important

    I have a source to go to now for upgrading

    Jungle <worst rogue NA>
    OneButton (Half-way now to becoming a two-button player!)
    If there is anything you need, just ask, and I will tell you how to get along Without it!
    "One button raider for life!"

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    retracted post
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    Thank you for putting those all together !

    a further question:

    obviasly pve fragments have better states especially with CP, while PVP fragments hardly have them and in low tier.
    will have to use pvp fragments with WAR title to gain more states boost in Warfront, or PVE ones will do the job and not nerfed ( as other pve gear, focuse and essense)
    Please advice, thanks.

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    Default 4.3 Jan 2022 Rogue PvP Builds Guide with macros!

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