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Thread: [Guide] Tenebrean Prison

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    Default [Guide] Tenebrean Prison

    Tenebrean Prison

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    Tenebrean Prison is a typical deathmatch style warfront, you gain 2 points for every kill, you lose 1 point for every death, the first team to 20 points wins.

    Around the warfront there are 3 different orbs outlined in the image above.

    The red orb (located in the centre) when pressed, removes 6 points from the enemy teams score, this has a long cooldown once used. Remember; the red orb is only useful to use when the enemy team has points, rushing out of your base to try cap the red orb instantly is useless

    The blue orb (located to the far left/right of the map) when pressed, grants the player a reactive buff that casts a 2 second channel gtae that reduces the healing taken of any player inside by 100%, this effect lasts 8 seconds and stuns for 1s.

    The yellow orbs (located in the 4 corners) when used, increase your damage by 200% which lasts 2 minutes. Whilst the aim of Tenebrean Prison is to get kills, these powerups will help a great deal, the 200% damage buff orbs respawn the fastest, so you will be able to maintain that damage buff for the entire warfront. They spawn 20s after the warfront begins and are announced by “Tenebrean Rage can now be collected”.

    In your base, at the back left/right of the spawn room will be 2 teleporters that port you to either side of the map, these are useful for when your team are getting camped at the base of your spawn. Be wary of staying inside the base for too long, anyone caught waiting in spawn for more than 15s will be automatically teleported out of the base. Teleporters will become active 15s into the warfont and will be announced by "Base portals, activated."

    If you have anything to add let me know
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    I like using the red right at the beginning! Means the other team can't cap it either, and it means I can have my own timer on the respawn.

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    The most interesting thing about the Warfront is the Tenebrean Rage orb in my opinion, that way I can start killing people more and dealing high heavy damage. i don't have much to say about the Warfront itself.

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