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Thread: Mage PvP Specs: Warlock

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    Default Mage PvP Specs: Warlock

    These are specs I use in PvP.


    Legendaries: Neddra's Grasp, Conflux, Void Barrage, Internalize Charge, Neural Prod

    The important thing to understand is that legendaries stack. Neural Prod will stack with your charge based damage enhancement like Empowered Darkness. Use Neural Prod before burst. Use Internalize charge for free Consuming Agony/Opportunity. Fireball tends to perform better than Void Bolt (even with all those soul tree points) for Opportunity. Opportunity can also be used to insta-fear or insta-squirrel.

    I'll post up more specs from time to time. I feel like there's alot of new or returning mages and they are having trouble figuring out what to play in PvP and how to play it.
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    Hello Bannj.
    You have chosen Dom for Leg Neural Prod and Insta Squirrel with opportunity.
    Better choice than Arb with Leg galvanic ?
    And btw do you still use your "defensive" warbiter spec ?

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