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Thread: Gearing in PVP questions

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    Default Gearing in PVP questions

    A few questions about bolstering and "best gear" for PVP WF
    -I am Rogue, usually play MM or NB
    -I have a full T3 set, (2-3 parts upgraded)
    -I have 2x T3 Dagger(one in main hand), T3 Bow, Warmonger Dagger(off-hand for proc), Warmonger Bow(using)
    -Warmonger Trinket
    -Warmonger Neck
    -slayer crystal

    My main question is, Are T3 parts(being downbolstered), better than Warmonger parts?
    I know most of the base stats on T3 are higher, but after being downbolstered its hard to tell because it doesnt tell me how much they are reduced. if so, which ones?

    What Should the following stats be at:

    Next question weighing on me is kinda off topic, wrong thread maybe, but how to i get to MoM to get these cosmo things to upgrade my T3 Stuff? And are events the best way to gain notriety in the maps for the upgraded runes?

    thanks to those who help, im sure i have many questions to come.

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