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Thread: Warbiter Spec Demo [Mage]

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    Default Warbiter Spec Demo [Mage]

    If you are a mage who loves hybrids in PvP and enjoys defensive roles this might be enjoyable:

    The Warbiter video demo


    51 Warlock|23 Arbiter|2Necro <--used in video

    BUT -- after making this video and more study, it is my opinion that 48 warlock hybrids work best. WHY? Because empowered darkness is only going to benefit a few abilities. Dots will receive 30% from Greater Contamination and with the addition of Swirling Winds from Arbiter, another 20% can be attached to your dots for burst phase. Also the complication of cancelling one buff to apply another (charge damage enhancers don't stack) is avoided and the matchplay is simplified.

    So here are some alternate specs:
    48 Warlock|22 Arbiter|6 Necro <-- has Consumption but you can trade it out if you like
    48 Warlock|22 Arbiter|6 Chloro <-- higher spellpower + bloom but likely a dps loss


    *I pulled the Mortality macro from this guide because its a workaround I was using, and somewhere along the line they fixed it. I just never noticed because my macro gave me no problems. Why change it right?

    Devouring Shadows
    cast @gtae devouring shadows

    I use two buttons for DS - one for ground target AE and one for manual placement.

    Dark Touch
    cast [notactive] Contaminate <-- In case you forget to put it up
    cast Dark Touch

    Neddra's Torture
    cast [notactive] Contaminate
    cast Neddra's Torture
    cast Glacial Spike
    cast Galvanic Strike
    cast Dark touch

    general purpose macro i lead with to get NT up and can tap it more for damage in melee range or to sustain dots while waiting for burst. Theoretically you could port all this into the burst macro; but this along with dot keys is a setup key so that when the time is right, the burst key can be spammed and NT+dots is already on

    #show conflux
    cast @self Arcane Manipulation <-- if its in your spec
    cast Conflux
    use Warmonger's Charm <--if you have it
    cast Swirling Winds <-- enhances dmg and lowers charge cost
    cast [notactive] Contaminate
    cast Persist <-- will refresh all your dots, applying maximum conflux to one target
    cast Ethereal Blast <-- If its in your spec
    cast Glacial Spike <-- the long global is worthwhile because this hits hard
    cast Dark Touch <-- keeps Neddra's Grasp at max and finish conflux to 10

    Some specs can apply all the conflux to one target with deathly pall, but we need 54 warlock for that. You can tweak this spec to your style!

    Some notes:

    Defensive Cooldowns & Abilities

    I keep Neddra's Essence (NE) alone for situational need, because you don't want to start macroing it with Draining Bolt or Phantom Stream (PS). You rarely need all of it and don't want to risk wasting it. So keep them on their own keybinds. If you want to macro NE with some Planar abilities that's fine because they can provide extra help when the need is dire. If you are using NE its dire. Even so, NE + Phantom Stream will be overheal. You'll want to save PS for NE downtime and after the opponent has likely blown their interrupts. Draining bolt is useful at the end of a burst phase, with all your dots on the target. When you are in the back setting up, use your Frosted Ward for more damage. If you are going into the fray or holding a flag, Arcane Ward will provide some defensive cover.
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    The back pedaling and keyboard turning was too much for me to watch that past 5 seconds.
    Quote Originally Posted by Muspel View Post
    I believe Assassin DoTs are uncleansable.

    It's still a terrible PvP spec compared to Marksman, though.

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    Don't listen to any negative comments people may say I think you did a very good job : ) This is the fun thing about rift, especially in SFP more than ever. We all love experimenting, and people should be encouraged to come up with new builds for all playstyles and situations.

    Now this is not my style because I love my glass cannon builds , I just love having that huge burst that melts people. I think its almost mandatory to have at least minimal amount of tanky or healing built into a lot of souls for pvp to be successful on the other hand.

    Good job, keep theory crafting : ). I like it even if it doesn't fit my own playstyle.

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    Perhaps the keyboard turning reference was to someone seen in the video. In fact the last 5 seconds of the video is just me and another fellow exchanging fire, and neither is keyboard turning. That is clear to anyone who knows what keyboard turning is. Fake news, alternative facts or what have you. Who knows.
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