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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhumble View Post
    Frostkeepers are the only healers that are remotely difficult by themself. Truly takes a couple people. No other healers are difficult with 2 people to kill by themself.

    Add in cross healing and they all can get tougher to kill. But they should be more difficult to kill when there is cross healing. Change that much and no one will ever heal.

    Just wish FK's would get fixed, I've mostly stopped healing until it gets fixed. And I used to heal most of the time. Just hate perpetuating the idea that heals are OP right now when it's just one class.
    they'll get fixed once the cash flow intake on soul sales dwindles down. happens every time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho View Post
    The best way to take out healers in Warfronts is to use teamwork. Time your burst, coordinate with others, and they have a lot harder time surviving. Work in pairs or trios when at all possible, then pretty much everything melts.
    What I appreciate about Ocho's comment is, that even though I try hard I acknowledge that I suck at PvP , making it worse I have had an impossible time taking out a decent FK solo , BUT I don't suck as much as I thought, since it appears that it is intended that it takes 2-3 or more to take out an FK.

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