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Thread: Upgrading PvP Gear - From Dreambreaker to Warmonger's

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    Default Upgrading PvP Gear - From Dreambreaker to Warmonger's

    First off, lets identify the desire for a full, or nearly full set of Warmonger's gear. At least for DPS/Healing the correctly itemized Warmonger's gear is within the top 5-10 BiS items for any class. It's fantastic gear, but there are three drawbacks:
    1. There are NINE versions of each piece of gear depending on stats
    2. All of it drops from a single, random box
    2. You still have to upgrade it from Dreambreaker, to Empowered(2 pieces), to Frenetic, to Warmonger's

    Nine Versions
    As stated above, there are nine stat variations for each item. Three stats will vary: Primary, Secondary and Health. How do you identify which one is best? Simple. If your primary stat is higher than the health on the item, and it has the correct secondary stat (I.E. Crit Power for Warriors, etc.) then this upgrades to the BiS PvP Warmonger's gear.

    Observe an example piece of gear:
    STR 158 158 198
    END 198 263 158
    CPO 301 256 301

    STR 158 158 198
    END 198 263 158
    SCH 406 346 406

    STR 158 158 198
    END 198 263 158
    SPO 180 154 180

    Looking at these nine options, you can see the 198 Crit Power item is the best DPS piece, highlighted in red. You'll notice I highlighted the high health Crit Power item in green. Why would I do that? Because tanking gear itemization is bad for your head and legs. Warmonger's gear of this particular stat setup are superior to the garbage agility legs you're going to find for tanking. You don't waste points on a useless stat.

    RNG Gods and You
    The Marauder Cache that drops when you win a PvP match has a 50% chance to drop something more than money. For one particular item you have a 1 in 9 chance for the perfect piece of equipment to drop. Then you have to contend with the chance that one of 14 different item types will drop. Then factor in there are two different trinkets and half a dozen essences. The chance that any one specific piece of gear will drop in any particular box is probably about 1 in 400. But fear not. While there will invariably be that one piece of gear that never drops for you, you'll have to do enough PvP wins that the ratio won't be too far off track.

    Upgrading from Dreambreaker to Warmonger's
    Just a little note here. I did not include the upgrade paths for weapons, lessers, greaters, synergy crystals or seals. The weapons you can see easily by opening up the Rift Store, and as far as I am aware synergy crystals and seals don't drop in PvP. The lessers and greaters I left off because you're most likely going to get them from Nightmare Rifts, SoL's, Auction House, reputation or quest rewards.

    TL;DR Version - If you get all the right drops it will take you 178 Abyssal Crusader Accelerators (AC for short) and 386 Favor Infused Accelerators (FA for short). (Excluding the items above)

    Another quick note: Empowered Dreambreaker has been removed as a step for most items, but not all.

    Item......................Empowered........Freneti c.......Warmonger's........Total Cost

    Let me know if something doesn't make sense, is incorrect, or if you'd like me to add the weapon/essence costs as well.
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    A few things that come to mind:

    Do all tanking leggings really have dodge?

    Why do warriors want crit power and no other calling? What about the soft cap?

    Not all upgrades are equal. You'll find that upgrading some items give you more weighted stat improvement per amount of currency invested. If you do this analysis on the essences you might find it's worth reconsidering excluding them, and depending on what people choose to do there's no guarantee that they will realistically obtain anything better.

    All items have the same ratio of AP/SP:CP:Crit available, with slight rounding error.

    Trinkets have an empowered stage like neck and capes. The only items that have this upgrade stage are those which give the set bonus, which might be worth mentioning.

    Trinkets and greaters are far rarer than the other items, and, at least in my experience are about as rare as each other.

    The choice of proc in each slot that can take it is probably about as important as anything else in gear choices because of how broken they are at the moment.

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    Warriors use Physical Crit and Attack Power, but that's just semantics. If you had full CP, excluding weapons, essences, runes, and any other bonuses like feasts, you would have 5174 CP. That is way too much CP. I'm mostly T2 pve with a few t3 so slotting in a few non-upgraded cp pvp pieces I can get up to 4400 CP. At 4400 (~1.4k over the cap), I'm at about 41% (give or take). So CP is absolute garbage compared to AP after the soft cap. So, it'd probably be a good idea to denote which pieces to go CP and which to go AP. Ideally, you want to get as close to the cap as you can, but you also want to maximize the AP you can get while doing so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artewig View Post
    So, it'd probably be a good idea to denote which pieces to go CP and which to go AP. Ideally, you want to get as close to the cap as you can, but you also want to maximize the AP you can get while doing so.
    Since all the pieces have the same CP:AP ratio, it doesnt matter which piece to go CP.
    Unless you are referring to calculating it such that u will land as close to 2980 as possible, but that would depend highly on the player's planar essences, weapons etc.

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