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Thread: PVP Chloromancer

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    Lightbulb PVP Chloromancer

    note 1: These builds, macros and entire rest most likely can be both improved and adjusted to personal preferences, consider it more as introduction to discussion than final version (and have mercy not to rage on me if I did any slips or confused something ....happens )

    note 2. Mind that most of things that imo works great for pvp-chloromancer will work poorly in pve gaming, the scope here wasn't to squeeze max out of mage - healer but to make it an efficient healer and highly mobile character because.... well -mage (unless he's a tank) will always be squishy - now add that to fact that on top of the things chloro is terrible at - I would put keeping self alive (true both for pve & pvp)
    if u are interested in (ofc -in my oppinion ;) ) pve oriented version of Chloromancer that max out your hps output - I can only point u to Deew's Chloro Guide in fact - I would recommend u to get familiar with it - even if u are semi-interested in pve builds - he really did a great job and I'm sure u can grab at least few new tricks from stiff u will find there (in fact -I'm using his build and guidelines for my pve-Chloro; thx man, works gr8)

    Idea:my general point here is that healer in pvp don't have luxury of standing still like in pve (at least - for most time). Does not matter if group is advancing or running back or u would like to shake off enemy - standing still is semi-smart to do and that require a different approach from pve ...plus - unless you play a piano in spare time - some extra simplification of the bar and skills.
    There are only 4 skills that will requite you to stand still, that is: Healing Torment (...in case of all better options are cooling or you are below 5 stacks of boon of life) 2sec casting of Wild Growth(use at 1st encounter and re-apply as soon as u can) and Raging Storm channel that's surprisingly -really solid aoe-heal option....for most time - it's not worth to use Natural Healing- it's just weak and takes 2 long

    Soul tree(s): as they say -whatever floats your boat ;) there are few variations I see as worthy of mentioning.The changes between there aren't major but it will help you to adjust the chloro for ur personal preferences and game-style(ofc - qui-pro-quo). It's clearly visible that I didn't get below the 10points for stormcaller in any case - that's because of Ride the Wind and fact that if u decide not to buy it- u end up only with break-free that has a terrible cooldown, I srsly think it's obligatory for chloro in warfronts
    -starting from most beefy one that includes Dream-Soul-pack Arbiter (tanky...yuk!)5arbiter/10sc
    -there is also(ofc-weaker) f2p cousin of it: 15/sc/0archon, just rembmer to cast Searing Vitality-(since on avg. enemy will most likely purge you at least once each 1 min...prolly way more often) the fact it's a buff-pool makes it worth way more than that extra endurance
    -other options might be 13sc/2domi that provides rrupt(that's the one I'm using)
    or- 3lock/12sc that will give u extra tickin' 16sec dot (also extra self-healing from LL, that's some way to deal with low hps on self), mind that the bonus from LVG or lifebound veil comes from these ticks from dots as well -ofc best ones are from life-spells but some extras are always welcome

    Buffs I recomend to Karuul it all - it's impossible to track the buff with all random purges u will witness
    aside from obligatory Living Aegis, u will also need:
    Living Energy
    Lifegiving Veil
    forget about Lifebound Veil and if it comes to using that - it's only for several moments and applied by synth -don't forget to swap back to LFV

    61: Arcanist's Shield (don't use Bullwark - it's not pve and does not mater)
    in large-scale pvp (read as CQ) some option would be 2 have FB but I'm not sure if it's worth it really -and I'm damn sure it's not worth for any other case
    62: Healing Expertise - with extra bonus for that lock build ...not, that healing bonus woludn't be worth it w/o warlock part
    64: Calculated Annihilation - I know, I know- it all here relies on instants heavily - it does not matter, your damage won't change much and there is always chance that some enemy won't be cleansed from Vine be4 it will run out...in Vino veritas
    63: mastery -(this one is bit tricky) there are several options - I use Eldritch Swiftness for Natural Splendor that's way 2 precious to let it cd for 2min ...not mentioning about moblity and enemies trying to break it with rrupt or los, your call, other options will fit -MC or CR if thse suit u more, best to give a try to all of them and see what's best
    65: Phantom Stream - I use it for pvp purpose even for dps-ers, for chloro- I think, that's 2 op st-heal to waste it on dps-ing enemies but if u see that some dude is going to run away at brink of his death....or u simply can't resist scoring kills as a healer I mean it xD- it's most powerful burst of st-dps u can do as full chloro, gl&hf, just don't get grumpy if it turns out that wasted your most powerful st-heal (including self-healing stuff ^^ ) Essence Surge is only 100% of ur hp, PS is 150% - just mind that for dying team-mates with really low hp - best to give them some insta-casting-heal be4 (or instead) - u risk not only fail to keep them alive but more importantly - u will waste ur best st-heal (or in reverse )....

    Macros: mind that for pvp, the bar - can't be that complex as for chloro I\m using in pve, some simplifications were unavoidable and that's the main reason I wasn't satisfy with Deew build, hate me if u will but comparing to comfy pve, the pvp is simply diffrent

    1st damaging macrothere is immobile Nature's Fury and Vile Spores that can be saviour when you are under skill that's blocking movement but I use these spells rarely for any other moments and if u remain mobile -it won't be used (hint - u might want to stand still for that reason for a while...rarely but it can happen regardless if there is anything blocking u from move - and I don't mean moments that u got no ace in sleeve - for an example, when party gets some minor damage that's still not that serious to use big-guns...) if u are using Jolting Wave (arbiter) - u can put it somewhere high on the macro (tho -I recommend to do it just be4 Nature's Fury)...also -please, don't let it end up with u pressing just that button while runing around - if u see LS casted for 2nd time(...in case u got carried away and did press after 1st time) - it's a good indication that u might wanna cast something else
    #show Ruin
    cast Living Shell
    cast Ruin
    cast Blight
    cast Nature's Fury
    cast Vile Spores
    cast Living Storm

    2nd damaging macro is fully mobile and serves few purposes - it ends with instant casting, no-cd Withering Vine and the Essence Conversion that's next will be used in one moment only - when your mana is below amount required for anything listed above it....mind that it hurts a bit so don't kill yourself while regaining mana points
    giving some explanation for such order- I really think it's better call in pvp to cast Radiant Spores on 1st chance you got rather than waiting for some concentration to maximise the enemies affected, with all cleansing happening on both sides - it's gonna be wacky output anyway. Spam that macro to ensure that Radiant Spores is used and at least 3 enemies are under Withering Vine np if you cast it on random enemies or hit WV 4times instead of 3(small loss but try to avoid it, also mind that far worse than that -is to have less than 3 WV ticking if there is many enemies nearby)
    btw - best targets for your dots are these enemies that will remain alive to carry ur dots - use the swap target button, aim for max amount of dots. Try to cast on folks in mid of enemy group.
    (if u wanna simplify bar even further - u could put RS both as 1st casting and for #show line - but I recommend using RS as separate skill)

    #show Radiant Spores
    cast Living Shell
    cast Radiant Spores
    cast Vile Spores
    cast Withering Vine
    cast Essence Conversion

    Healing macro - this one require some extra buttons to track cool-down of Healing Torrent and Flourish (plus for separate casting any of these 2. specially flourish) but in return - you can cover most of direct st-heal u do with one button, mind that Torrent and Natural Healing(try to avoid this spell...for most time in pvp - it is just not worth it) are cast when u stand still. Tap twice for combo of Bloom and Resurgence - than either stand still or mind that Flourish is better option for instant st-heal than no option at all ... tho - best to keep it for main purpose.

    #show Bloom
    cast Bloom
    cast Resurgence
    cast Healing Torrent
    cast Natural Healing
    cast Flourish

    One button cleanse ;) (trust me, it works, play with it, learn some limitations it has- and u will be fine)

    #show Cleansing Rush
    cast @mouseoverui Nature's Cleansing
    cast @mouseover Nature's Cleansing
    cast Cleansing Rush
    cast @group01 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group02 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group03 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group04 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group05 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group06 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group07 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group08 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group09 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group10 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group11 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group12 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group13 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group14 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group15 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group16 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group17 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group18 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group19 Nature's Cleansing
    cast @group20 Nature's Cleansing

    Synthesis and symbiosis (for rare case such as some moments in Garden)

    #show Synthesis
    cast @mouseoverui Natural Conversion
    cast @mouseoverui Synthesis

    #show Symbiosis
    cast @mouseoverui Natural Conversion
    cast @mouseoverui Symbiosis

    Break free
    #show Break Free
    cast Break Free
    cast @self Bloom

    plus skills that are used w/o macros: Phantom Stream, Natural Splendor, Natural Conversion, Essence Surge, Wild Growth, Entropic Veil, Ride the Storm, Raging Storm and Rift Tomb(RT is for extra rare-emergency, be deliberate and don't waste ur charge for fun)...plus Icicle
    when making your bars -try not to forget about stuff from 3rd soul- like: Thunder Blast(domi), or Searing Vitality(chon)...or Dark Touch...whatever - instants are good
    the way I solved that is that I got macro1 and macro 2 under buttons.....yup - no.1 and 2. than EV (for cirtical moments when I'm good with charge), than I got healing...the stuff that's 1min or longer cd- I keep on upper bars but there are many ways to optimise that. there might be better ways for yourself and that's just the way I decided to do it

    you might notice I didn't mention about Void Life -cuz imo it's a damn chloro signature; while Natural Splendor is worth of anything for the burst of aoe-heal it provides -using VL is open invitation for som1 to come and beat ur soft-side in early stage of wf, better to use raging storm instead, as for pvp-chloro- I don't think I have ever used the Forked Lightning and Icicle -that's not your job really and u got better tools tho - Icicle is waiting on my bar in hope that "oneday" I will grab som1 who's fleeing from fight

    also -I wanted to thank user kickn4fun - it was after reading his post that I started to wonder on how the pvp chloro should look like
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