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Thread: --61 Physician: A PvP guide by Aelyrah--

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    Default --61 Physician: A PvP guide by Aelyrah--

    Aelyrah's 61 Point Physician PvP guide
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Hey guys i wanted to create a comprehensive guide on physician healing in pvp,
    I know other guides exist but I wanted to make this accessible and comprehensive.

    Build: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#XkGlayGEFkg/Tg/t9G

    I use a slight variation of the preset 61 point physician build, i sacrifice 5 points in nightblade for 5 points in tactician for increased armour and resists and curative engine which is OP for self survivability, the loss in healing is barely noticeable and curative engine will take the pressure off you a fair bit if you have alot of minor damage coming your way (dots, aoe fluff)

    Simultaneous Treatment
    Preventative Medication
    Curative Engine
    Planebound resilience


    Insta Heal Spam:

    #show expectant treatment
    cast expectant treatment
    cast active treatment

    This is the only macro i use, feel free to create mouseover macros for individual abilities or focus macros. I prefer to click on raidframes, with practice it becomes almost like second nature.

    Before i enter a pvp encounter i like to preload 5 combo points with precise diagnosis and when i enter the fray i will consume them with Group therapy. I like to try to keep group therapy up at all times but you dont want to waste combo points by reapplying it before its duration has expired. Its good to create a kalert for this abililty to keep track of when it is active.
    I will also keep medicinal leeching up on my team by quickly targeting a random player,
    with Pandemic active medicinal leeching provides a decent aoe heal over time to your team and in conjunction with group therapy the AoE healing is respectable for a single target healing powerhouse like physician.

    For single target heals i like to apply supportive care to every player on my team i target unless they just need a little top up, Active treatment is your insta cast heal and with supportive care will proc a bubble on them every time you execute it, when i dont feel like i need to move and my team mates are mostly in LoS i will mostly spam causal treatment which is your cast time heal and gives 2 combo points per cast, its healing is significant i wouldn't recommend removing it from your hotbar unless you want to play more ezmode and gimp your single target burst healing capacity. If a sentinel can afford to stand there and cast subtle invocation there is no reason you cant do the same with causal treatment. I would like to say to keep an eye on your energy when you stop to cast it, its bad if you are standing there spamming the keybind and its not working because your energy hasn't recovered enough yet.

    Urgent care is a single target heal on a 6 second cooldown, its healing is significant and i like to throw it after a causal treatment or a maintainence therapy. I do not reccomend macroing this ability but use it on its own keybind.

    Maintainence therapy is your primary single target heal finisher and a necessity for physician pvp, i reccomend using it mostly with 5 combo points but even without full
    5 combo points it can be a saving grace. I like to throw it after a causal treatment and then throw a quick urgent care, virtually a full heal for dps classes.

    Pre-emptive therapy is an abosrb bubble with a 1.5 second cast time, only ever use this with 5 combo points. I love this ability, alot of physicians dont use it in PvP because of the cast time but used correctly it is extremely useful in warfronts and forces attackers to target swap most the time. With intensive care active pre-emptive therapy can apply some OP *** bubbles.

    Massive therapy is your biggest combo point heal but its on a cd, its best to use it with 5 combo points and dont just blow it every time its up, save your cooldowns for when you really need them.

    Bio-feedback is a channeled heal which allows movement and whilst being channeled applies damage reduction. I like to use this especially when i am out of energy and adrenelin shot is on cd and i really need to keep someone alive, its almost pointless using it on yourself if you are being heavily focused unless the opposing players dont know what an interrupt is. It is an excellent heal to keep a team mate up through heavy sustained damage but its not an effective save if a team mate is very low on life and they are generally squishy, it will be a waste.
    Dont bother using it on players who are taking heavy burst and dont have the mitigation. Another cool thing about biofeedback is that it is not affected by line of sight, it functions in a similar way to an inquisitors aggressive renewal. Occasionally i just use it so i can type something in chat in the middle of an in intense battle :P

    Emergency Response is your biggest save, it has a 1 minute cd but is off the global cooldown, save it for those crucial moments, don't waste it trying to keep blue geared elementalists alive (sarcasm).
    Life insurance is also a very good save, the absorb it applies is fairly substantial but it will also save a team mate from a killing blow. Occasionally i throw this after a 5 pointer pre-emptive therapy even if they are not near death to save them if they are about to take some mad burst or are on the last legs of holding a rune vessel etc.

    Intensive care is a very powerful cooldown but it also has a long cooldown, like all your cooldowns save it for when you really need it, like if a couple of assassins jump on you etc. Keep in mind it only increases the healing and absorb of combo point generating abilities and finishers which consume combo points. Dont pop it and then start channeling biofeedback thinking that you are doing some mad heals. Furthermore with Intensive care active causal treatment becomes about as OP as crucial invocation with nyol's hope. This is especially useful for keeping up an important team member alive who is taking heavy burst.

    If you are in desperate need of energy to throw that saving heal, adrenaline shot can come in very handy. Its good to keep an eye on your energy levels to know when you might need to use it.

    Dont worry about using mass blood transfusion, i see alot of physicians spamming this in a group of enemy players whilst all their team mates are dying because the physician has decided to try his hand at physicians OP AoE dps (sacrasm).
    I mostly only use it to keep people off flags or to annoy bad players. If you want to help out with some damage viral infection is useful, i find it very effective to put it on ranger pets which are chasing me and occasionally you can kill squishy players with it.
    Ive killed a few elementalist mages with it before 1v1 (lolz).

    Here i would also like to stress the importance of physicians cleanses, detoxification and Mass detox. Whatever you do dont macro them together and dont use mass detox every time its off cooldown, save it for when you team gets some nasty aoe dot or debuffs on your team like a dominators mass betratyal. Detox will and mass detox will heal every player it cleanses for 25% of your attack power, if you don't need to pump out much heals and you see a team mate getting dotted up or debuffed focus on cleansing. Players which are cleansed are much easier to heal but don't get too happy with it when heals are urgently needed, no need to get too caught up on cleansing withering vines etc. from team mates when there is a warlord running around mashing 2 buttons and wrecking your crew.

    Another thing i would like to point out is checkout out your team mates before the match (not their sexy bodies) inspect their gear and get an idea of the spec they are using. Prioritize your heals on your team members who will be needing them the most.
    Furthermore dont use alternative treatment in warfronts, i will put a down arrow on you.

    So there you go, my physician pvp guide. I could go on alot more about tactics and combination etc. but really it doesnt take long to get a feel for it and experience is the best teacher. Please ask me questions on whatever regarding physician and i am open to constructive criticism. And i hope this helps my fellow budding physicians

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    Default I just ask myself....

    I just ask myselt if it's really need to make a guide for physician....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xamaron View Post
    .... a physician guide when there are already several ....
    1. Why re-write what has already been written?
    2. Level cap and gameplay are about to change dramatically for everyone in 3.0... which is very soon.

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