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Thread: Cleric or Rogue?

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    Default Cleric or Rogue?

    Been trying to find a good build for rogue class, normally I like playing a Sin with MM and Riftstalker. But I wasn't sure if I can take down a cleric with all that healing going on. So now I trying out a Cleric and see how effective it is. Note this is for pvp situations or Seastone PvP. The reasons I like playing a sin, they can hide forever and like using MM in some situations, it have good get away speed, while Rift can teleport and having buffs on defensive.

    I just experiment a Cleric build, believe I have druid as secondary, Sential and forgot what the third one was. So I want to focus on healing, having a pet as well res someone when they die.

    I also noticed that each souls has benefits, like +1% damage each skill points and does it stack up with other soul's skills too? For example having Assassin and MM, some skill points I spent give you extra damage and wondering if that stack up during the fight. It can get confusing here and not know what you are doing or how to build your roles.

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    Clerics are great they can close range or long range like rogue but rogue has only one pet summoning role which is good for long ranging so for long range cleric.
    But again rogue can long range good too it's just getting the right combinations. Rogue is best for a combination of close and long range moves. Rogue can heal but not much so stealth or range is the best of way to go also rogue shouldn't tank I personally like rogue but in some ways s cleric is better

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    Rogue and Cleric healers are well known for being OP healers mostly becuz of shielding. Rogue and Cleric dps can also be a real terrorizer in a WF (and open world PVP).

    Inquisitor has high damage, crowd control such as fears. Not to mention a purge. Marksman is also quite dangerous AND it can purge 2 buffs from other players. If used correctly, Shaman, Assassin, Nightblade, maybe even Bladedancer can be pretty dangerous/annoying to deal with.

    (Pyromancer + Marksman + Eradicate = No primary buffs and increased likelyhood of complaining on the forums about it)

    In regards to what you want to play, I can't really tell you to play one of the other, mostly because I rarely touch these classes much less pvped with them before. Though I can't see why you can't use both . But if you want to use only one class, my advice to you would be to test the waters of each class to see which one you like best.
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    At the start of EQ I rolled a high elf Enchanter. It wasn't long before he got abandoned way over on Antonica. I had decided on traveling alone to some mountain fortress to buy my illusion spells. I was like almost level 9 and it was time to go.

    After dying a few times to some friend of D'Vinn's on the trip (had to run back naked from hometown and recover your crap)((or lose it))(including the long *** boatride where you just sat and practiced your sense heading). Finally I am nextdoor in Kithicor haunted forest. I got killed so many times by the undead there I finally gave up, rolled a paladin and stayed over on my continent for a long time fighting orcs and brownies and stuff.

    I think EQ had 8 classes, all very very distinct. Druids were the kings of early game because they could transport you around. Only ones I ever knew with money. I liked clerics. Later we have something like IA, run scenarios for a full squad (six). They were fun and all about putting a good mix together, standard or improv. (limited by what you got). Since I was the cleric and leader, I paid close attention to classes and what they could do. I preferred a strong tank, heavy hitter wizard and after that it was well, whatever. Rangers weren't too popular. deaded up easy. Reminds me about the one where two rangers always meeting up at this one bar in Qyesnos. One looks over and says, "you bind here too, huh." Probably was in elvish or something.

    Later I ran a wizard. Risky to draw all that attention but oh so fun to step out of the dark and hit a monster for about half a million. Had decent warrior too, raid tank.

    To me, one of the primary mistakes TRION has made with RIFT is equalizing all the classes where evryone can do everything. (Did this start originally so JUsticars could tank)? IIRC. It just can't happen. Clerics are a good example. In my view cream dela cream for PvP heals. And just not that effective in a dps role. Why? Because ranged is already way covered by pyro and mm so that role if not healing needs to be melee around the stone, shard, flag, egg thingey or whatever. Meh. Fire ole skippy up and give that a shot.

    Meanwhile the warriors end up trying to heal. Ranged are on the run from their warriors and clerics are merrily off in the distance, chuckling about how deep their dps runs while they AoE crap and we lose. You lose the synergy. There's no there there. But hey I'm an old guy. Forgive the ramble.

    [[If you like heals run the clerics; if you like killing run the rogue]]
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